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Great Service, brought back my old lappy from the dead, also cleaned and mended screen. Very nice manner and friendly service.

Mr Domnic John

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iMac Repairs

  • No power completely dead
  • Grey & White screen
  • Just apple logo
  • Fan noisy, crashing & freezing
  • Very slow & keep shutting down
  • Crack screen & Wifi problems
  • HDD replacement & data recovery

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MacBook Pro Repairs

  • Liquid damage component level repair
  • No power, keep shutting down
  • Freezing & very slow
  • White & grey screen
  • Lines on the screen, crack screen
  • Key board & track pad issues
  • Battery not charging, Wifi issues

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MacBook Air Repairs

  • No power completely dead
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Crack screen replacement
  • HDD replacement & data recovery

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PowerBook Repairs

  • Just fan noise but no display
  • Different colours on the screen
  • Crack screen, dented body
  • No power dead, liquid damage
  • Keep shutting down, crashing, very slow

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iPad Repairs

  • No power, completely dead
  • Liquid damage
  • Crack screen
  • Lines on the screen, just grey screen
  • Wifi issues, power button
  • Volume button damage
  • Back case damage

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Cinema Display Repairs

  • No power completely dead
  • Just led light on no display
  • Just grey screen
  • Lines on the screen
  • Just after few min display disappear

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